The Penguin Café Orchestra

My first exposure to the PCO was an appearance they made on The Old Grey Whistle Test. I remember them playing Prelude & Yodel so I'd guess it was about 1984, when Broadcasting From Home was released. I think it was the first time I'd seen somebody playing the ukulele on a serious piece of music. (I grew up watching George Formby films with my farther).

Why the microsite?

The founding member of the PCO, Simon Jeffes, died in 1997. Prompted by this news I went back to their web site — only to find it had gone. Being the early days of the World Wide Web I had taken an off-line copy of the site to save bandwidth. At the time I didn't have any use for the web space from my Service Provider and so decided to re-publish the PCO site. Since then I've added to it.

It's in a terrible state by modern standards. I plan to rework it soon (time permitting).

Other Links

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Enter the Penguin Café Orchestra microsite.

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