Time logging for Psion EPOC Palmtop computers

In 1997, when Psion released the Series 5, I was left in a dilemma. My old Series 3a had been a real workhorse for me for a number of years. I'd worked it so hard that, despite its strong build quality, it was falling to bits. I lusted after the new Series 5, pre-ordering it from a high-street shop.

One of the main applications I used on the Series 3a was for time keeping. I can't remember now if the software wasn't available for the Series 5, or whether I didn't like the new version. Whatever the reason was, I ended up writing my own. It was written on the Series 5 in OPL. I coded in all sorts of places, at all times of day. On trains, on the beach in Greece, in cars while I waited for people, in boring meetings — you get the idea. I used a development environment called nOPL+ that was available for both the Series 5 and the EPOC emulator that ran on a PC. On and off, it took about a year to write.

Then and now

I eventually released Icelog as shareware, selling a number of licenses. The unregistered version is fully functional and not crippled in any way, but has a nag screen that appears when switching views.

If you hold a license, I still support the application — mail me with your questions.

Icelog Timer View - Starting a second timer

Screengrab of Icelog Timer View

Icelog Log View

Screengrab of Icelog Log View

If you have an EPOC device you can download the uncompressed installation SIS or a zipped version. Registration is £11 (or $24.99 through RegNet) — mail me for further information. (Switch to this site's graphics skin to see screen grabs of Icelog)

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