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September – Cado Belle

This song reminds me how fucking lonely I am, despite all the people around me that obviously care for me. Tweet

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Not a monster, at all

I’ve just been rereading the entry from last year about Frasier. It’s about 12 months ago and it made me cry. I think it will always make me cry. This may be a catalyst that’s releasing all the worries and

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Music from under my desk

I moved into this house over twenty years ago. A few years later we converted the box room into an office for me, complete with a L-shaped desk. Sitting under the desk is my singles case. There’s maybe 400 of

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Love Remembered – Focus

Frasier, resting

Until recently I haven’t owned a playable copy of Focus III, the album this track appears on. Love Remebered is one of those tracks I wonder how I managed to forget. I’m not a musician; I learned very early on

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Is this regular?

Despite the best of intentions I seem to be managing one post roughly ever 12 months. That makes this not some much a blog but an annual event. So, what is this post about? It’s about Twitter. Well, sort of.

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Willie The Kid – French Lessons

Album: Homework Artist: French Lessons Released: August 1982 Lyrics MP3: French Lessons web site “Lovers meet in unexpected places…” And so do friends. Yesterday a friendship came crashing down around me, and it was entirely my fault. It was an

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Well Kept Secret – John Martyn

Album: Well Kept Secret Artist: John Martyn Released: August 1982 Napster: John Martyn – Well Kept Secret Spotify: John Martyn – Well Kept Secret This blog post is based on an original Livejournal entry made on 17th February 2009. John

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An Electric Storm – White Noise

Album: An Electric Storm Artist: White Noise Released: November 1968 Spotify: White Noise – An Electric Storm I’m unsure when I first heard this album. I think Robbie or Steve may have introduced me to it—I certainly remember arguing with

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Theme for a day

It did snow heavily last night. When I came to clear the car there was 6″ sitting on the roof. Because of the bad weather I checked with my regular opponent about our game of badminton tomorrow morning (Sunday). Before

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