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Other Tales

While I've been running this site a number of things related to the PCO and Simon Jeffes have come to my notice. Some of these I've spotted myself, others have been pointed out to me by correspondents to this site. Below is a summary of these items.

Other recordings

A Real World compilation album from 1995 featuring 3 tracks by Simon Jeffes: Chinese Canon, Yodel 3 and Cage Dead (Word Version).

Arthur's Treat
a 45 second piece on Morgan Fisher's album Miniatures.
UK: Cherry Red PIPE2

A Pythagorean Roll
Twenty years after the first Miniatures album Cherry Red have released the follow up Miniatures 2. This features this track by The Penguin Cafe Orchestra.
UK: Cherry Red CDBRED 165

Oskar und Leni
Original sound track. No new recordings (as far as I know). Additional information can be found at In-Akustic, but you'll need to be able to speak German.

Annie Whitehead with the Penguin Cafe Orchestra.
This is listed on AB-CD. The album is priced at $25.97 - no other information is listed.

Other items

I've had more emails about this film than about anything else...

This 1986 film, written by David Parker and directed by Nadia Tass features PCO music on the soundtrack. As far as I know most of the pieces are taken from the album Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

Further information can be found on the Internet Movie Database. Including a link to Amazon where you can buy a copy.

Music for a found Harmonium
This is probably the most covered PCO tune. In addition to the versions by Patrick Street and The Orb that can be found on Preludes, Airs & Yodels there is also a version by Sharon Shannon. Sharon is a traditional button accordeon player from the west of Ireland. The track is on her 1991 epynomously titles debut album on the Grapevine Labe (GRACD257).

Other credits

Dave Greenslade - Cactus Choir
Simon Jeffes is credited on this 1976 album for arranging the orchestra on the track Finale.
UK: Warner Bros. LP K56306 (WS4733)

Camel - I can see your house from here
Simon Jeffes is credited on this 1979 album for arranging and conducting the orchestra on a track entitled Survival.
UK: Decca/Gamma LP TXS - R 137

Quantum Jump - Barracuda
This was Quantum Jump's second album. Geoffrey Richardson is listed as a band member and Simon Jeffes has the following credits:

"The Penguin Cafe String Ensemble ("A" Stream) lead by Gavin Wright and Helen Liebmann. Quartet arrangements written and conducted by Simon Jeffes". "The provocative 'impressionist' interpretation of Jeffes immortal sketch "Man Conducting String Quartet" was enacted by the author".

Further details can be found on the Rupert Hine site.

David MacIver
I have recently received the following information from David MacIver:

I visited your site. Simon was a close friend. On the PCO Genesis page, you miss the work that Simon did with Rupert Hine and myself in 1971, 72 and 73. In 71, he was an integral part of our album "Pick up a Bone" playing guitar on all the tracks and arranging one of them. In 72, he again played guitar on all tracks of "Unfinished Picture" and arranged several of the tracks, including "Anvils in Five" which was his first ever recorded orchestral arrangement. In 1973, he arranged the orchestra on "Love"s Bringing Me Down" which was written by Rupert and myself and featured on the Yvonne Elliman album, "Food of Love". Each of the above albums is available on CD. More information, including a description of how Simon, Rupert and myself worked together in those days can be found at the Rupert Hine web page, "Tamboo".

Sid Vicious - My Way
I kid you not! Simon Jeffes arranged the orchestra on this single.

Interesting links

During my searches of the Web, for Penguin Cafe Orchestra related material, I have found the following resources:

Annie Whitehead's page.

Details of Annie's solo records and up and coming gigs. The site also has links all things trombone.
The site is hosted at Positive Earth.

The Rough Guide to Rock

The Rough Guide to Rock's entry for the Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

Ian Maidman's page

Another site hosted by Positive Earth. Lots of links to other bands Ian has been involved with.

Richard Philpott (Zooid films)

Music by The Penguin Cafe was used in the soundtrack for Spirit of Albion.

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