Not a monster, at all

I’ve just been rereading the entry from last year about Frasier. It’s about 12 months ago and it made me cry. I think it will always make me cry. This may be a catalyst that’s releasing all the worries and frustrations currently in my life or it may just be simply that I miss him.

At the beginning of the year we brought Beth into our home from the RSPCA. She’s an oddball of a cat. Her cat skills are woeful sometimes and at other times she shows skills I would never expect to see in a moggie.
One of those is her compassion.  I’ve known dogs that become demonstrably concerned when a person is upset, but never a cat.

2013-08-21 10.29.48-1

Beth was on a chair next to me while I was working and was asleep when I started to cry.

She woke up and meowed at me. A gentle meow coupled with a swivelled head to see what was wrong.

Beth can be a monster, a word that’s become her nickname in the house. She climbs things and knocks things over; she pesters Meg (our other cat) and generally gets into mischief.

But it’s worth while putting up with all that. Just for these sweet moments. The same sweetness that Frasier often used to show.

I was listening to Jon Gomm’s album Secrets Nobody Keeps while I was getting upset. So, here’s probably the most famous track from it, Passion Flower:


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