Love Remembered – Focus

Frasier, resting

Until recently I haven’t owned a playable copy of Focus III, the album this track appears on. Love Remebered is one of those tracks I wonder how I managed to forget. I’m not a musician; I learned very early on in my life that it was a talent I would never have. Not even a little bit. Consequently, I marvel at people who are. I marvel even more at people who not only can write a good tune but also choose to play it as a set piece. It’s not just a base excuse to prove their soloing credentials, it’s a composition. A carefully crafted snippet of music. There to exist in one form and one form only. How confident in your composition and playing skills must you be to allow yourself the freedom to sit back and allow the melody to talk for you?

The track itself doesn’t remind me of anyone or anything, but does give me a notion of a wonderful time in my life. A time of exploration. A time of new friends, new experiences (including music).

Yesterday I had to book Frasier into the vets for his final trip. He’s had chronic renal failure for some years and it’s finally caught up with him. I was wondering about writing this entry about him and Love Remembered popped into my head. I’ve no idea why. I thought about it and realised how appropriate it is. It’s a sweet, peaceful tune. Very like Frasier’s nature. In the 14 years I’ve known him he’s never once shown the slightest hint of agression. He’s a beautiful lad and I’m going to miss him terribly.

I took the featured photo of him yesterday while he was sitting in the window watching the world go by. Sitting in his favourite place on his last full day at home. I said goodbye to him this morning, when we were alone.

I told him it had been a privilege to be included in his life and that he had enriched mine far more than I ever imagined an animal could. I’ve no idea if there’s an afterlife, or if our spirits move on, but I wished him well on his journey. I told him I hope his spirit goes on to lift somebody else’s soul. That his sweet, wonderful nature would make somebody else happy.

(Please excuse any spelling errors or typos in this post. Firefox isn’t checking the spelling and, frankly, I don’t really care at the moment)

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