Willie The Kid – French Lessons

Album: Homework
Artist: French Lessons
Released: August 1982
MP3: French Lessons web site

“Lovers meet in unexpected places…”
And so do friends.

Yesterday a friendship came crashing down around me, and it was entirely my fault.

It was an intense, deep, passionate friendship that grew rapidly. If we ever speak again it will never be the same. I am full of sorrow and a great sense of loss. My friend is very unlikely to ever read this but, if they do, I hope they understand how deeply I will miss them and how foolish I feel for my words and actions.

If asked for a favourite song I would have difficulty choosing between so many. However, very high on the list would be Willie the Kid. Written by Doug Halligan and recorded by French Lessons, a local band I worked for in the 1980s, I fell in love with it immediately. I like the story it tells and the way it tells it. I love the verse-less format of the song and it’s sung by Tony Hall, probably my favourite singer of all time. There’s no link between this song and the friendship but how we met was unusual and that brought this to mind.

The MP3 is taken from a cassette tape recording. Consequently the quality is rather poor, but you’ll get the idea.

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