Theme for a day

It did snow heavily last night. When I came to clear the car there was 6″ sitting on the roof.
Because of the bad weather I checked with my regular opponent about our game of badminton tomorrow morning (Sunday). Before I spoke to him I asked his wife if there was any news about an extremely ill mutual friend. The news was very bad; he doesn’t have very long at all.
My relationship with many, if not all, of my friends is marked out by musical milestones. Albums, singles, songs or tunes that either remind me of them or stand at a waypoint in our friendship. In some cases this is shared, in most it is mine alone.
There is one specific album that will forever remind me of happy, healthy times with Rob as a friend. So I will write about it soon. It will be the first entry based on the theme of significant albums.
A blog needs a theme and I’ve found one today. Thank you Rob, I will praise our friendship soon.

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